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Since establishing Mingay Golf Course Design (MGCD) in 2009, Jeff Mingay has worked on golf course design and construction projects throughout Canada and the United States.

MGCD is an intimate operation, tailored to provide Jeff’s personal service on each project through hands-on involvement with design and field work, including shaping and construction supervision. A golf architect’s involvement in the construction process is key to ensure that design details are not lost in translation and projects are completed economically. Quality golf architecture is not a result of spending the most money. Creativity, thoughtfulness and craftsmanship do not require a big budget.

Jeff is inspired by a timeless philosophy described by legendary golf architect A.V. Macan as “the ambition of modern golf architecture”. That ambition is to design golf courses that challenge better golfers and at the same time allow everyone to enjoy the game. Distinction is equally important. Jeff aims to ensure that each project also produces a distinctive golf course inspired by inherent site characteristics and the unique needs and desires of individual clients. Collaboration between the golf architect, course owners and club representatives is vital.

Prior to establishing MGCD, Jeff worked with fellow Canadian golf architect Rod Whitman for nearly a decade. During that time, Jeff assisted with the design and construction of three of Canada’s most highly-acclaimed golf courses: Edmonton’s Blackhawk Golf Club; Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club, in British Columbia; and, Cape Breton’s Cabot Links.